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Currently leading the design team at FundApps Ltd, a FinTech platform for automated monitoring of shareholding disclosure, position limits (MiFID II) and investment restrictions. Responsible for the UX/UI/Marketing Design as well as team management. Working closely with the all teams (product, customer team, development, marketing) and clients through design sprints, guerrilla user testing and prototyping [...]

Voyanta is a cloud-based software platform that helps real estate professionals capture, validate, and analyse commercial real estate information more effectively. Below is a selection of work that I have been doing for Voyanta Ltd in my role as Lead UX Designer, since starting work there in August 2013. LATEST WORK 2016-03-10 Adverts Asset Overview [...]

The aim of the project was to to build a Youtube Application to host the City Index Trading Academy competition, which contained videos of the competition as well as instructional videos on City Index’s services. I was both project and creative lead on the project.